About us

Treaty Education Alliance is an educational initiative serving the First Nation Schools. The TEA is committed to the development and delivery of sustainable educational processes that place children and communities at the centre of common Treaty Four school improvement.

Why community engagement?

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children”. – Chief Sitting Bull

Treaty 4 people have been educating themselves, their communities and their nations since time immemorial. They had an education system that was rich and beautiful. Education began at birth and continued through one’s entire life. Individuals were educated by their families, clan relatives and community members; and thus, they were taught according to their role as a contributor to the society. Each person was seen as a gift with talents and abilities that contributed to the nation. Treaty Education Alliance includes community engagement as a critical component to give Elders, Leaders, parents, educators, youth and children the opportunity to contribute. Community Engagement returns the voice of the people, to make decisions for, about themselves and their children and it is the tie that binds together the structure of the Treaty Education Alliance.

Our history

TEA originated from a collaboration of Tribal Councils (YTC, FHQTC, TATC), Independent First Nations, and Chiefs whose aim it was to design and implement a common strategy with a common goal of First Nations student success through student retention, literacy, numeracy, and community engagement. Building on the foundation created by the Treaty 4 Indicators Project, a proposal was submitted to the INAC FNSSP in 2009. This application was successful.